Do You Know What You Are Missing?

“I thought everything was great, until camp.  God revealed things in my life that I needed to get right, and I did.” “I didn’t want to go to camp.  The games or the songs would be childish.  There would be way too much preaching.  I wouldn’t be able to use my cell phone.  I wouldn’t […]

News and Views

In Revelation 3:2, the Lord told the Pastor of the church in Sardis,  Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die.  Take a good look around, you may agree with me that there are a great many values that are on life support, almost ready to die.  Values like good, […]

Truth To Live By


Friend, we live in a day of insecurity. Many times, it’s very difficult to determine what is real and what is simply another fraud or hoax. Thankfully, although we live in a day of deception, we have a source of Truth that can be trusted. Read on and discover “The Real Truth” laid out for us in […]