In February, we will be hosting several missionaries and evangelists.  Every Sunday we will have a different missionary sharing their burden for reaching the lost.

January 11 – Mike Carney family to Hungary.  Bro. Carney and his family were in Hungary for about 10 years.  They started two churches and they are returning to continue the work of church planting and training nationals.  Please keep Mike, Lynne and their children – Matthew, T.J., Sean and Katie.

February 1 – John Mitten – Bro. Mitten serves as a chaplain to law enforcement agencies.  He also helps in establishing training programs for chaplains.  Law enforcement officials labor under very stressful conditions, they see the effects of sin day in and day out.  They are often forgotten and neglected and busy protecting us on church days.  There is a great need for chaplains to law enforcement.

February 8 – Paul Haulk – Bro. Haulk established Mizpah ministries in 2003.  Mizpah works with both correctional institutes and local churches.  They hold services in federal and state prisons and last year they saw 427 men, women and children put their faith in Christ.  They have established “Free Indeed” addiction programs in prisons as well as local churches.  Please pray for Paul and his wife Sheri as they labor to present the gospel and bring freedom and deliverance to those bound in sin.

February 15 – Ted Mullins – Bro. Mullins served in Papa New Guinea for almost 29 years.  During that time he started 32 churches and missions.  For health reasons, Bro. Mullins recently turned his focus to encouraging missions in the states.  He preaches mission conferences and holds missions seminars.  Please keep Ted and wife Lynette in your prayers.

February 22 – Dr. Bruce Turner – Bro. Turner pastored two churches for 22 years each before entering into evangelism.  He has preached in several foreign countries and visited his missionaries on the field regularly.  The Turners visited us in Hungary and Russia and were a blessing to our churches.  Please pray for the health and traveling needs of Bruce and Reva Turner as well as God’s blessing upon the messages.

March 1 – David Rodriques – Bro. Rodriques and family have just started out on deputation.  He and his family sing and minister in churches through music as well as helping churches through their printing ministry.  David and wife Jill have eleven children and number 12 is on the way.  Please pray for them as they raise support and travel ministering in churches.